We are Jacqueline and Janae. We started Loon & Bloom from a desire to bring beautiful, comfortable, quality made house dresses to Canadian women. Jacqueline was given a house dress by Janae during her last pregnancy and quickly understood Janae’s obsession with them! We soon began talks about starting a Canadian house dress brand and Loon & Bloom was born. We went to work designing, sourcing quality fabric, and looking for local manufacturers who employ ethical practices. Our dresses are proudly designed and ethically produced in our home province of Alberta.
We love the versatility of the house dress. Whether you want a dress to wear to bed, a dress for night on the town, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! Our dresses are designed to be effortless, stylish, and comfy. They are for women in every stage of life, and are maternity and nursing friendly. We believe that no matter what season of life you are in, you can look and feel beautiful without sacrificing comfort.
We wanted to have a Canadian element to our name and we loved the symbolism of the Loon. Not only is the Loon a Canadian symbol, but it is a symbol of serenity and it teaches us to follow our hopes, dreams and wishes. For us, the word Bloom means to flourish and thrive wherever we find ourselves in life. It means finding joy in who we are and fully accepting and loving ourselves. Our goal is to create an inclusive community of women who do just that- flourish and follow their dreams, all while wearing the most beautiful house dresses, of course!