Loon and bloom duster and tank dress


A ‘duster’ – the only piece of clothing you need to get you through every season! Sometimes referred to as wraps, shawls or cover-ups, the term ‘duster’ came from the late 19th century when both men and women wore dusters to protect their clothing when riding in open motorcars on dirt roads.

Now meet the beautiful dusters we carry in collaboration with Urban Cowgirl! Made from 100% polyester, these dusters are cool and lightweight – perfect for layering with any of our dresses. They add that feminine touch and the pretty floral designs can dress-up any outfit.

Tips for styling a duster:

  1.     Layer a duster over any dress for a night out; it adds that little bit extra and it’s light enough to carry in your purse/handbag.
  2.     Festival fun! Layer a duster over a tank or tee and shorts, what a great way to keep your shoulders out of the sun and still look sexy!
  3.     Wearing jeans? Add a duster with some heels and you’ve got yourself a look for a night on the town with your friends! Easy and comfortable – we’re all about that.

We have a special sale coming this long weekend – stay tuned and follow along for a code to use on our duster.

 -Janae xo



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