3 Perfect Occasions for the Purrrfect Dress

3 Perfect Occasions for the Purrrfect Dress

Our newest released dress sounds exactly like it is, literally the Purrrfect Dress! With the comfort and style of our other dresses combined with a splash of cheetah print, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. Here are three occasions we think that are the purrrfect time to rock this look.

Party time!

This dress is so easy to dress up for an occasion like your kids birthday party, a dinner party, or date night. How you might wonder?  Easy, throw on a cute jacket, maybe leather, grab some earrings like a nice small hoop, a matching necklace and a cute pair of ankle boots or a strappy sandal and you are set! 

purrrfect dress


Day to Day!

With all of our dresses, it is so easy to wear them on a day to day basis and keep it casual while still feeling put together. Whether it’s school drop off, checking out the farmer's market, running errands or a play date, keep it simple with a cute pair of sneakers and a jean jacket and you’ll feel put together but not overdone.

Weekend Away!

Whether it’s a kids tournament or a weekend away with your friends, this is a great dress to pack to keep your luggage light. Make sure to pack your mini's purrrfect dress too! We truly believe this is a dress for all occasions, so bringing it with you when you go away helps keep your packing to a minimum, all while still having so many options on where the dress can be worn! 

purrrfect dress


This dress is really the Purrfect Dress as it has a fun playful side with the cheetah print but still embodies the comfort and ease of all of our dresses. Wherever you wear the dress, we want to see it! Follow our Instagram and tag us when you post about your Purrrfect Dress!


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